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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Admin check:

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FilmingCarrie (1976) Pier Avenue Junior High School - 1645 Valley Drive, Hermosa Beach, CA, USA San Fernando, CA, USA Santa Paula, CA, USA

Ike yiked at 4:19 pm

Obama N Stuff

I was surfing on Youtube yesterday and found a rather interesting comment. As you all know, I am not going Pro-Obama in this presidential campaign. Not that I upport McCain, but I think he is just less of an idiot than Obama is. I could go on & on about this, but I think I will just sum it up:

Many people support Obama only because of his alleged promise of hope. Nothing more. He just depends on his charisma. Go to your school. Ask the peeps who they support. 99% say Obama. Ask them again to name two policies he has made. 1% can answer you. 98.5% don't know what to say. The other 0.5% just starts going on about his charisma, his black promise, his hope all over again.

His policies are just as skimpy as Bush's and McCain's. So he won, ok, surprise surprise. But why do i see people crying and screaming themselves crazy in joy? Is it that worth celebrating? Has he just appeared before you crucified on the cross like Jesus Christ? America, you are degrading yourself. Eat that. ok?

I guess we should go back to the quote that sums it all up. Yes...

"I find it amazing that people are still spewing this hope bullshit like a broken mantra, I don't know if anyone has noticed but hope does not get anything done. Obama is an idiot on a level that Bush could not even hope to reach, Obama had to call Clinton and ask what the economic crisis was because he didn't understand it. All I can say is its refreshing to see someone who is not bending over and sucking Obama's cock."

WaltzoftheDead (from Youtube) is the genius behind this, ahem, comment. Wherever you are, i salute you, because you have said whatever i have wanted to say in the most appropriate manner, albeit with some vulgarities and suggestive imagery.

So yeah, that's it for Obama and America! :)

Ike yiked at 4:00 pm

913, get it?

Well Well well what can i say? My fate with radio 91.3 FM is... well, good!

29 Oct 08 - Won CD of the Week - Metro Station - with funbag
3 Nov 08 - Won but did not qualify (already won in past 30days) -->> this one got me pissed off for quite a while, b/c they were giving away Natasha's CD and Boyzone... and I SO wanted Natasha's pktful of Sunshine! :( -> and to make matters worse, they actually gave BOTH cds to the next girl who won. lucky, eh.
14 Nov 08 - After the lesson learnt with using my own identity to vote on Hot30 and getting a slap (literally) in the face, I've been using my mum's hp to take part in promotions. This week for P!nk, but no win so far.. well, opportunity knocks once, sometimes twice (as u have seen) but not thrice right? :( Well apparently no, b/c today I used my mum's hp to qualify for movie tickets to Four Christmases trying my luck again... and I won!! woohoo! I can't believe I'm so lucky ;) Thanks JJ

UPDATE@@@@@@@@@@@ friday night 14/11
WOOHOO! cant believe it! right after i posted the 14 Nov stuff, they called and gave me the CD of the night by P!nk! is my address rigged or something in the polls? that means technically they drew me 4 times already in the first 2 weeks i knew the station! omg. and some people don't even get one chance! right, Martin? :P
but unfortunately, with the win of the CD, i can't have four pairs of movie premium tickets to Four Christmases and see SISSY SPACEK, my fave actress, who also starred in CARRIE if u remember. well, tha munnot be greedy!

http://www.radio913.com/ go there now. lol


Ike yiked at 3:47 pm

Baby Names

I was thinking of cool names for babies today, being my random self again. So anyway, this is what I thought were cool baby names I might tell people next time :)

1) Juno
This is some cool unisex name! Remember Juno from the film of the same title? Yes the one who got knocked up...
 that is such a fake tummy!

The girl's name Juno is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "queen of heaven". Roman mythology: Juno was the protector of women and ofmarriage; hence June is known as the bridal month. In modern times, "Junoesque" is used for tall women with curvy figures. Now, Juno can be used for both girls and boys.

2) Addison
Basically son of Adam... lol
a rather lad-dish name, i must say

3) Aiden
Meaning: Fiery
Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
Gender: Mostly Male, but now unisex

I wouldn't recommend this for girls... have read that many girls are teased as tomboys because of it! However, personally i feel that, if you are a girl with a fiery temperament, why not?
Aiden is a name of strength, fire, something that is hard to defeat.
- Common nicknames: alien, AIDS 

4) Emory
Meaning: Leader
Origin: German
this is pretty unique huh!

5) Ike
Ike! from the name Isaac. With Hebrew origin. Hurricane Ike eh!
This sounds like a rebel name, but full of personality.
It's apparently quite famous as well (Ike Barinholtz [see below], Ike Turner, Ike Taylor)

6) Baron?
no i just think i got bored. its too scary. maybe a last name?


Ike yiked at 3:29 pm

First of all today, I'm very sad that MADtv is closing down after 14 whole seasons of fun! Well, It is sad, but necessary. Any series will get boring after 10 over seasons no matter how funny it is. (Just look at the Simpsons). What is regrettable is how late they announced this. They should have discontinued the series at 2002-3. In my opinion, when Stephnie Weir left, the series spiralled downhill. Even Michael McDonald & Bobby Lee could not hold it up then. Now the series is right at the flopline and they decide to discontinue it only now... that's just embarrasing. They should follow Friends and leave a good mark in the fans, instead of letting it disintegrate slowly and break all our hearts *sniff sniff* (psst but it owns SNL big time!)

Well, now I guess we just have to remember the good sketches aplenty!

Cheers to:

7) Antonia (Nicole Sullivan) 

6) The Vancome Lady (Nicole Sullivan)

5) Dot (Stephnie Weir)

4) Lida & Melina (Nicole Sullivan & Debra Wilson)

3) Miss Swan (Alex Borstein)

2) Lorraine (Mo Collins)

1)) Stuart Larkin (Michael McDonald)

 oh thats my favourite picture if you got it flaunt it ahaha

MADtv I love you big time. Forever.
KISSES, will miss u ;(

Ike yiked at 3:01 pm

The Great Kookie Is Backkk

Ok I suddenly have lots to say, so I'm back after a 1year-plus hiatus :)
I will try to revive this blog, so this is what I will plan to do next:

1) More posts
to keep this blog updated, i need to post more (obviously ya)... no one will probably need it, but i need to keep track of my life after all. I may even post notes that I have made of my studies! How interesting, right??? gaahahah

2) New Tagboard
After so long I kinda forgot how to access my tagboard... i guess I'll make a new one soon. Lookout for it :D http://www.tag-board.com/

3) Other notes
I am currently on FACEBOOK! yayyyy.... but anyway, please check out my facebook profile for more info on me. Over here, it's just blogging and recording my thoughts. Link: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1244740521

Also check out my youtube page, i really love youtube as well - esp the madtv sketches!

This blog is officially revived as of 25th November 2008. (i hope)

Ike yiked at 2:39 pm