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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Dear Laokokok,

Thank you for this priceless treasure trove of memories of past Singapore. I chanced upon your blog when searching for the past gasholder in kallang riverside park. Seems you did an article on it and practically everything else in that time period! Your articles are all so interesting, and your pictures and investigative notes are very thorough and poignant. Not only have you helped your generation relive their younger days, you have enlightened the younger generation on their past and allowed them to develop a greater appreciation and understanding of their history! Coming from a 16-year old (Me), it is definitely a passage back in time.

You have helped me recall some things my parents told me as a child about their own childhood; such as the 1960s bus tickets, the five stones games, their old houses, and the early form of ERP…etc. Some things, they don’t even remember already given their age, so they can only tell me half the story. But you cannot imagine how elated I am when I see all their tales come alive again on your blog, complete with pictorial and first hand evidence that all these events once happened before right here in Singapore.

I never studied History, nor liked it. But I am truly touched by what you are doing. Remember the chinese saying “A person who does not know his past is like a tree without roots”? Thanks for helping me understand this colorful period of our nation’s development. Sometimes I wish I was born in my parents’ time period – wonder how different life would be…definitely something that would get me thinking.

Please continue feeding us with nuggets of the past!

Ike yiked at 9:52 pm