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Monday, May 02, 2011

Kent and Vyxsin as usual self-destructed on their way to the pit stop. Usually I would cheer for them to be out, but it sucks for any team to be eliminated because of silly mistakes. Also, they were bullied by practically everyone. The black guys were obviously tight with the girls and zev and justin, and even mallory was kinda laughing at them for taking a taxi.I would have loved to see them last till brazil and get eliminated in fourth. flight and easy should go and I was so pissed that zev and justin were saved by the goth's stupidity. Indeed, I have learnt from the goths and zev & justin that one mistake can kill your whole game.

This was such a great episode with the drama, good tasks and spectacular location. It's no wonder the Race always comes back to Switzerland.

Zev & justin have won too many legs and are way too cocky, flight time and big easy have just scraped past by help from others, gallory are rich and don't need the money, kisha and jen are the most likable and deserving to win the million, but if they win it will be anticlimactic with back-to-back first female teams winning from seasons 17 and 18, so I don't know who to cheer for!

Vyxsin, I love you and you ran a great race, but when you said you were happy to leave with the best teammate, I shat my pants in horror. Vyxsin should race with Vicki (from last season). Power women unite!!!

Ike yiked at 2:06 pm