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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I have been a great fan of MR & HOG, currently I have watched MR up to episode 33. I used to like MR more, but now I just find it more and more confusing with the addition of so many characters, maybe HOG is better. Nevertheless, the drama in Moonlight is excellent and Michelle Yim as the villain is good enough to keep me watching. As of Ep33.

I'm glad they finally got on track and Yan Hung is finally the real villain. There have been so many 小人 (small bad guy) in this show, such as Ka-mei, Yan tse, Ah Kung, Hung's ex husband and Sa Yi (who thankfully has changed for the better). I'm excited that Yan Hung is finally accumulating her empire and sides have emerged in the Kam household. Previously it used to be unclear.

On one side we would have Hor, Ka, Ho, Yuet, Hing, Chung, Gong gong etc,
On another side we would have Hung, Kung, Kung's Ma, and the company.
Jo ba, Kam Lo Tai, Tsau/Sum Lui, Sa-yi, Ka-mei would always be undecided and hopping in between sides.
It's quite unrealistic that peace can still reign when a family has been torn apart like this.

Fortunately, boundaries are clearer now. Joba, KLT, Sayi have joined "Hor", and Ka-mei, Tsau have joined "Hung". Although if I were to be picky, it's hard to see when they switch boundaries, because characters are often on on-off relationships with each other, an example would be Gong Gong, who threw his shoe at Jo Ba in anger, and yet next episode they are having fun dining at Hor Ma's. Another example is how KamLoTai hates Hor ma's guts all along, but suddenly after she nearly dies she is on Hor Ma's side and turns viciously against Hung. Can an old woman (or any body ftm) change so quickly overnight??? This gives audience a very confused perception and ultimately leads us to wonder if this is just to build up the drama and lead us round in circles.

Realism apart, this drama is worth a good watch. While I am glad that the draggy irrelevant bits and pieces of petty scheming and love triangles are evidently coming to an end as they reach the grand climax (Hung Yi's endgame), it keeps the drama alive. At least now audience are given something definite to HATE about - Yan Hung. She is now the mastermind.

I still have so many questions. Isn't Jo Ba the cause of all this? Why would Hung backstab her own 'sis' Hor Ma? Why did Hung still choose to be a Third Party when her own husband Keung left her for another Third Part mistress? Is Sayi good or bad? But it's ok, look over all this, after all its a show. Let us all sit back and watch as Hung Yi attempts a massive company overhaul and Jo, Hor and the children race to stop her from getting the upperhand. 7 more episodes, there's sure to be much less wishy-washy and much more REAL drama.

PS: Love the slaps.

Ike yiked at 7:17 pm