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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First of all today, I'm very sad that MADtv is closing down after 14 whole seasons of fun! Well, It is sad, but necessary. Any series will get boring after 10 over seasons no matter how funny it is. (Just look at the Simpsons). What is regrettable is how late they announced this. They should have discontinued the series at 2002-3. In my opinion, when Stephnie Weir left, the series spiralled downhill. Even Michael McDonald & Bobby Lee could not hold it up then. Now the series is right at the flopline and they decide to discontinue it only now... that's just embarrasing. They should follow Friends and leave a good mark in the fans, instead of letting it disintegrate slowly and break all our hearts *sniff sniff* (psst but it owns SNL big time!)

Well, now I guess we just have to remember the good sketches aplenty!

Cheers to:

7) Antonia (Nicole Sullivan) 

6) The Vancome Lady (Nicole Sullivan)

5) Dot (Stephnie Weir)

4) Lida & Melina (Nicole Sullivan & Debra Wilson)

3) Miss Swan (Alex Borstein)

2) Lorraine (Mo Collins)

1)) Stuart Larkin (Michael McDonald)

 oh thats my favourite picture if you got it flaunt it ahaha

MADtv I love you big time. Forever.
KISSES, will miss u ;(

Ike yiked at 3:01 pm