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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama N Stuff

I was surfing on Youtube yesterday and found a rather interesting comment. As you all know, I am not going Pro-Obama in this presidential campaign. Not that I upport McCain, but I think he is just less of an idiot than Obama is. I could go on & on about this, but I think I will just sum it up:

Many people support Obama only because of his alleged promise of hope. Nothing more. He just depends on his charisma. Go to your school. Ask the peeps who they support. 99% say Obama. Ask them again to name two policies he has made. 1% can answer you. 98.5% don't know what to say. The other 0.5% just starts going on about his charisma, his black promise, his hope all over again.

His policies are just as skimpy as Bush's and McCain's. So he won, ok, surprise surprise. But why do i see people crying and screaming themselves crazy in joy? Is it that worth celebrating? Has he just appeared before you crucified on the cross like Jesus Christ? America, you are degrading yourself. Eat that. ok?

I guess we should go back to the quote that sums it all up. Yes...

"I find it amazing that people are still spewing this hope bullshit like a broken mantra, I don't know if anyone has noticed but hope does not get anything done. Obama is an idiot on a level that Bush could not even hope to reach, Obama had to call Clinton and ask what the economic crisis was because he didn't understand it. All I can say is its refreshing to see someone who is not bending over and sucking Obama's cock."

WaltzoftheDead (from Youtube) is the genius behind this, ahem, comment. Wherever you are, i salute you, because you have said whatever i have wanted to say in the most appropriate manner, albeit with some vulgarities and suggestive imagery.

So yeah, that's it for Obama and America! :)

Ike yiked at 4:00 pm