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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Just watched the ending. Excellent show, even know there are some unrealistic themes. TVB always has a way of giving a happy ending even when the plot goes into deep cut-throat tension.

My favourite scene was when Hung argued with her daughter and that slap was even better than the "glasses off, Hor Ma" slap! It was very realistic and kinda sad to see all her lackeys betraying her one by one - first Ga Mei then Yi Po then now her Sum-Lui.

You can see how she loses it after slapping her daughter and tries to make everyone believe that she still has one person on her side - Mama. Since dead men don't talk, she knows that she can twist whatever Mama says into helping her but sadly no one believes. In fact, Mama's "last words" to her are actually her own evil thoughts and desires; she wants Cho and Hor to break up, as well as Tsau and Ho. Eventually when she cried and yelled out "Mhm moi ham!!!" (i shall not cry) you can see how she has lost her own endgame. I like how we got to see the real Hung, it was like peeling an onion, we were seeing all her hypocritical masks being pulled off layer by layer until her very core - a vulnerable vengeful woman.

Excellent portrayal.


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