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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I have an amazing race dream route.

Leg 1: Philadelphia, USA - Tikal, Guatemala [10 teams left]
Leg 2: Tikal, Guatemala - Caracas, Venezuela [9 teams left]
This would be a history (Philly) and culture (Mayan culture) themed route. Teams might have to drive 4 hours from Guatemala city to the ruins in Tikal and perform cultural tasks. I also wanted the race to cover South America, but not too much, so Venezuela was chosen.

Leg 3: Caracas, Venezuela - Libreville, Gabon [NEL]
Leg 4: Gabon (Estuaire, Atlantic Equatorial Coastal Ecoforest regions) [8 teams left]
Gabon was given two legs as it was the only African country visited. The tasks and destination would be particularly nature-oriented; Gabon has the largest percentage of nature reserves by total land area, in the region.

Leg 5: Libreville, Gabon - Helsinki, Finland [NEL]
Leg 6: Finland (Rovaniemi) [7 teams left]
Helsinki is chosen as this leg's obligatory modern European city. Also, I felt we needed some cold here. In the additional leg, racers visit Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland. I just can't get enough of the orgasmic arctic circle leg in Season 17.

Leg 7: Helsinki, Finland - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia [6 teams left]
Again, change in environment from modern city to sandy desert dunes and rolling plains. Fulfils my Genghis Khan Silk Road fantasy. I like it a lot.

Leg 8: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - Kathmandu, Nepal [NEL]
Leg 9: Nepal (Pokhara and Annapurna mountain range) [5 teams left]
New country. Also, to visit the mountain range of the Everest in a full leg would be a nice respite from the Andes and Swiss alps that we have seen in previous seasons.

Leg 10: Kathmandu, Nepal - Singapore, Singapore [4 teams left]
After the majesty of untouched wilderness, we need a last big modern city destination before End City. (Sorry beautiful beaches of Indonesia!) It was a toss-up between Singapore and Wellington, New Zealand, but I decided to choose Singapore due to its multiculturalism and availability of flights. In previous visits, the culture of this city was not emphasised enough, especially in Season 16 where it was overshadowed by the fast-forward and u-turn drama all in one leg. Another problem I anticipate would be that the final 4 can be easily identified in the little island. But one can dream.

Leg 11: Singapore, Singapore - Suva, Fiji [3 teams left for finals]
I've said umpteenth times that we NEED a south pacific nation as a final elimination stop in West to East routes. There is quiet, island culture, what's not to love? Also, as it is more secluded, this will be able to hide racers' identity better.

Leg 12: Suva, Fiji - Denver, Colorado
Denver as End City just to be away from the West-Coast-city in-your-face that plague the final leg. Also ties in nicely with the fact that many destinations in this race are different and off the beaten track.

New locales: Guatemala, Venezuela, Gabon, Nepal, Fiji, Denver and Philly
Old locales: Finland, Mongolia, Singapore (all were only used once or twice in the race)

Other locations that NEED to happen:
Europe & Americas;
Greece is really beautiful and a good break from stock European locations Italy, France, Germany, but not likely due to financial crisis.
Turkey is really affordable, I have no idea why they are not going there!
Greenland & Antarctic - would be fun but I'm not desperate over it. Too expensive.
Yugoslavian bloc + Ukraine, Lat/Lith - needs to happen seriously.
Canada - neglected
Asia & Oceania;
Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines - strictly the inner parts only, big cities overdone
Indonesia - but my dream came true already :) why oh why did it take so long though?
Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan - totally my Silk Road fantasy
South India please - they've done north and east, so please do Chennai or Kerala (again!) or something
China - overdone but it's so big it never gets old if you visit different cities each season. New awesome cities: Hainan, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Harbin, Chengdu, Nanning, Guiyang, Wuhan, Hefei, Huangshan mountains etc... the list could go on
Bhutan & Tibet - if they can get in Bhutan
Papua New Guinea and South Pacific islands - new scenery

Thanks for reading guys, I put a lot of creativity into it, let me know what you think.

Ike yiked at 6:15 pm